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Program Services

Services/What I do:
  • In home evaluation (can be done when convenient for family--i.e.  evenings/weekends; no need to take time off of work or child out of school).  Providing this service in your home allows the child to be comfortable, feel safe to discuss bedwetting issues, and prevent embarrassment from public appointment.  

  • Provide treatment recommendations including beverage intake, pelvic floor exercise program, weekly consults via phone, text, or email.

  • Bedwetting alarm and pad utilized nightly for the duration of treatment  (beginning the night of the evaluation).  Child sleeps on rubber pad which sends a signal to the alarm immediately once an accident occurs.  

  • Typical treatment takes 8-10 weeks in order to attain 14 consecutive dry nights (successful completion of the program).  


Program Criteria:
  • Child must be at least 6 years old

  • Child must wet the bed at least 3 times per week

  • Child must be motivated to improve and family must be involved/supportive

  • Bedwetting should be the result of heavy sleep patterns 

  • Child's pediatrician must provide referral (medical order) and fax it to 918-528-5628

Program Details:
  • Treatment typically takes 8-10 weeks.

  • Families can pay with FSA or HSA accounts.

  • Families can submit to personal insurance company for potential reimbursement. Many families get all or a portion of the occupational therapy evaluation reimbursed and can also apply expenses toward deductible plans.  

  • Some insurance companies require pre-authorization or pre-certification from pediatrician's office. I am considered an out of network provider because I do not bill insurance directly.  However, there is not another therapy provider that provides this specific service in this area.

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