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About Me


I grew up in southwest Missouri and attended Republic High School.  I graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Health Science degree in occupational therapy with magna cum laude honors in December 2002.  I started my career in Tulsa, Oklahoma January 2003 working in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital.  I received training in adult and pediatric bowel and bladder incontinence and began practicing treatment in an outpatient clinic in 2004.  

In 2009 I decided on a career change offering more flexibility with plans to have a family.  Because I was the only therapist performing incontinence and nocturnal enuresis treatment at that facility at that time, the outpatient bedwetting clinic became inoperative.  This broke my heart because I witnessed how it changed lives. I knew there was no other options in this area for the children on the waiting list. Because of my love of the bedwetting program, my husband convinced me to start my own bedwetting business, so in 2010 I started Sweet Dreams Therapy, PLLC. I love serving families in their homes versus a clinic setting. It is relaxed and is convenient for the family’s schedule.  I feel like I get to know my families better and can help them succeed. 

They say everyone has a talent.  Well, I am only good at about 3 things….making homemade cookies, eating (I eat like a man--often more than my husband!), and helping families that struggle with bedwetting!  I also continue to work part time doing occupational therapy (adult population) mostly in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.  I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.  My husband and I have two sons who keep us very busy.  We enjoy attending all their activities.  

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