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Is your child at least 6 years old and do they wet the bed most nights?


Is he or she missing out on social activities, such as sleepovers or summer camps because of anxiety about wetting the bed?

Are you and your child frustrated because you have attempted multiple unsuccessful approaches to eliminate bedwetting?

Has the cost and time associated with Pull-Ups and washing linens become burdensome?


Are you and your child ready for bedwetting to be a thing of the past?


Don't wait to see if your child is going to outgrow bedwetting.  It could take years! Please contact me to see if your child is a good candidate for this highly effective program. There is not another therapy provider that provides this specific service in the area. 

Featured in:

- Tulsa Kids Magazine
- On the Go: Luxury Lifestyles
Backed By:
A 95% Success Rate

Treating children with bedwetting since 2004.
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